Monday, September 22, 2008

Ms. Grenada/USA 2008

Rolinda Tera McIntosh is Ms. Grenada/USA 2008!

The beautiful and talented Ms. McIntosh was crowned the winner of the 17th Annual Ms. Grenada/USA Pageant on Saturday, September 13, 2008 at Medgar Evers College Auditorium. The annual pageant is a tradition in the Grenadian community and a testament to the beauty and strength of their people.

The seven contestants-Sabrina Lalsingh, Samantha Joseph, Khadija Nimrod, Shauna Charles, Rhonda John, Trish Ann Louison, and Rolinda Tera McIntosh- were evaluated via a series of categories. There was Casual Wear, Swimwear, Talent, Evening Wear and an Interview question. In addition, each contestant spoke about their chosen platform in an effort to express their ideas and ideologies about today’s society. All of the young women were extremely articulate, made wonderful points and observations, and chose relevant topics to explore. Contestant number one Sabrina Lalsingh spoke about “Grand Parents Raising Grand Children”. Contestant number two Samantha Joseph asked, “Where do we go from here?” and discussed our country’s current economic recession. Contestant number three Khadijah Nimrod discussed “Hip Hop and its Affects on African-American Teens”. Contestant number four Shauna Charles asked, “What is a Tree Without it’s Roots?” Contestant number five spoke about “Abuse” in its many forms while contestant number six, Trisha Louison, explored the topic of “Black Men at Risk in Today’s Society”.

All the women presented their topics with intelligence and insight, and despite a few fumbles and forgotten words, they were each, for the most part, very poised and proved that they had brains and beauty. But it was contestant number seven and eventual winner Rolida McIntosh’s speech about “A Changing World” that was the most impressive. Not only because she was confident, articulate and prepared, but because she was also convincingly concerned with the state of the changing world and presented her ideas gracefully yet powerfully. So when the winner was finally announced, it was no real surprise when her name was called. Throughout the pageant she proved herself to be beautiful, in great shape, intelligent and yes, even talented. During the talent segment of the completion she performed a song on the steel drums, which no doubt endeared her to the mostly Grenadian audience. She was a clear favorite of the judges too because in addition to being crowned Ms Grenada/USA 2008 she was awarded Miss Congeniality and The Most Athletic. Ms. Grenada/USA 2007, the beautiful Faye Calder, was proudly on hand at the ceremony to pass on her tiara to the new winner.

Overall it was a wonderful evening presented by The Grenadian Ex-Teachers Association, Inc. and hosted by its president Cicely Mason. A former school principal and proud native of Grenada, she is always honored to be a part of the pageant because of what it represents—the beautiful people and traditions of Grenada - a small country that is north of the equator and lies between Trinidad and Tobago - living and thriving in America. The pageant is a testament to the accomplishments that have been made in the past and those that will be made in the future. According to Cicely Mason, “Or theme this year was ‘Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today’ so let us continue working together as we prepare our young men and women to meet the challenges of the changing world ahead.”

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