Monday, July 14, 2008

Dave Chapelle a No-Show at Kevin Powell Fundraiser

Last Wednesday, July 9th, Kevin Powell hosted a fundraiser at Eugene's in Manhattan. The brother is trying to raise money for his campaign. If you haven't heard, he's running for Congress in Brooklyn's 10th Congressional District, seeking to defeat Ed Towns who has been in office for over 25 years and has done next to nothing for unemployment, health care and education in the borough where I live and that I love. So, since Kevin Powell is a breath of fresh air, has a passion for change, and possesses the creativity to make some things happen, he's got my vote. And my support. Which is why I was at his fundraiser on Wednesday. Well, I was there to support him but also to see Dave Chapelle. The controversial comedienne was scheduled to perform his signature stand up for the audience of over 700 who paid from $50-$1000. (+) for the privilege of seeing the show, meeting Kevin Powell, and getting their picture taken with and meeting Mr. Chapelle (those who paid for VIP tickets).

The show was supposed to start at 8pm so by 9pm people were antsy but it was kool. Everyone mingled, laughed, hit the bar and enjoyed music by DJReborn and DJ Beverly Bond.

Fab Five Freddy represented and so did Angie Martinez, Jurnee Smolette, ?uestlove of the Roots, and Brooklyn's one and only Chris Rock (who did not perform but, hey, he wasn't supposed to) and his wife Maalack (who hid out in the VIP room). Everybody was there except, you guessed it, Dave Chapelle.

The nigga never showed! Now I know we are not supposed to use that word anymore but in this case I can't resist. It's just too appropriate. I mean, how are you going to now show? How are you going to pledge to show up and support a young brother who is trying to do something positive for the community and just not show? That is some nigga shit. Yeah I said it and I mean it. Damn. It was a big disappointment and very embarrassing for Kevin Powell, who, at around 11pm, had to slink onstage and announce that Dave Chapelle wasn't coming, that he'd missed two flights (allegedly). Niggas! I felt bad for Kevin because it was clear he was pissed but it made him look bad, too. People - mad people who paid their hard-earned money to support his campaign but really, truthfully came out to see Chapelle - even started to speculate that the whole thing was a scam to start with and that Kevin was in on it. I don't believe that but then again, he is a politician now. Sill, I felt he was sincere in his apology and although he didn't promise to return any money, he did assure everyone who paid that they would be admitted to his next "Celebrity Event" which is a little worrisome because he said "Celebrity Event" not "Celebrity Event staring Dave Chapelle". So for now, no one knows who this "celebrity" will be but most likely it won't be someone who people would pay $1000. (+) to see. I mean, "Celebrity" could be anybody. Shoot, in some circles, I'm a damn celebrity!

Well, that's how it went down. But trust me it's not over. I know I am not alone in eagerly anticipating the upcoming "Celebrity Event". And you know I'll keep you posted on the details. In the meantime, are you registered to vote?

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