Monday, August 8, 2011

A Digital Photographer Reminisces Over Film, My God!

Scorsese and Spike @ LIU Film Seminars, Brooklyn, 1999
Summer cleaning, came across  some of my old pictures. Pictures I took in The Early 90’s!!! Thinking back to when it all  really started for me. I was young. Just back from Howard U. Took an internship at 40 Acres—no pay but totally worth it. Fell in love with photography again and again and again every Saturday afternoon shooting  Spike Lee’s LIU Film Seminars in Brooklyn.  I was shooting with  FILM. Black and White Film!!! No one ever does that anymore. Now??? It’s digital digital digital for them all—including me ( a girl’s gotta keep up with the times!) Digital is kool. No duh!!! But film??? Waay kooler. There was an element of  anxiety, excitement even. You had your camera. You had your film. You had your subject(s). You had your light (via flash or strobe or available). And you had your instincts, your timing, your LUCK!!! Now, with digital? Take a shot, look at it, don’t like it?? Delete it. Then, with film? You had a roll with 24-36 shots. The more rolls you had, the better.  But once you ran out that was IT. So you took your time. Contemplated every shot. And when you HAD to shoot fast you shot fast and smart and steady and  good - counting each frame to insure you did not run out. Then, you had to wait to get the film processed  to finally  see what you shot. Life was full of sweet anticipation. Now? Instant gratification. But it’s all good. Technology changes things. Life moves fast. Film is obsolete. I get it. I’m just reminiscing.
Lonette McGee @ LIU Film Seminars, Brooklyn, 1991

The Hughes Brothers and Spike @ LIU Film Seminars, Brooklyn,   1991

                                                       Julie Dash (center) leads Women in Film Panel at LIU Film Seminars, Brooklyn , 1991

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